Go Ahead & Re-wear


Top – Equipment

Shorts – Banana Republic

“Oh my gosh, I have nothing to wear!!!” Sound familiar? I think I can safely say we’ve all said it at least once. But is it really true? I wonder if we have a holdover from our youthful pasts where wearing the same top, bottom, outfit was an extreme fashion DON’T. Which then makes us believe we don’t have enough in our closets. I know I used to note when I wore a certain shirt and track how long it would be in between wears. My past rule of thumb would be to put a full week in between wearing that same item…even if it was worn differently. Now, it is not only ok to wear the same thing twice in the same week (ahem, for some the next day), it is encouraged and even documentable via social media. Take this white Equipment shirt dress. I’ve worn it numerous ways and have posted them one time or another on my Instagram. The first time I styled it was with skinny denim and a long black vest but this time I decided ‘why not do something different?’ What do you think of the finished look? Do you all find new ways to wear pieces in your closet so you can wear them again and again?

And for fun, see the different ways I styled this shirt dress below…


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