Blazer and Bodysuit


Blazer – Mom’s closet

Velvet Bodysuit – Revolve (House of Harlow)

Saturday morning! What’s good, y’all?! Still sleeping, in bed, or drinking coffee? I WISH I was sleeping in but I’m headed out to an early morning event then to run some errands. It’s going to be one of those ‘get sh*t done’ kind of Saturdays, which I am not mad about.

Anyway, enough about my weekend habits. Who else is closely monitoring, by monitoring I mean stalking, any and all news about NYFW? I’m talking live streams, articles, and social media. I’m virtually soaking it all up. So far I’ve taken mental notes of my favorite shows. It’s still early yet but I’ve been gravitating towards the structured and whimsical looks. Two opposites, I know, but I can have polarizing styles at times. Oh, one thing I was excited to see in the Milly presentation (one the list of my favorites) were the ruffles! Ruffle pants, dresses, and skirts…. I love me some ruffles! I can’t wait to see what else the rest of the week turns out.

Let’s talk about how to get staple, key items in your closet without spending a dime. How is this holy grail of style shopping accomplished? Ladies and gents, raid your mom/dad’s closet. I’m serious! Why buy new when you can find pieces that have already been bought and may not be getting the most use? It doesn’t matter if its two or three sizes too large, oversize is in! Take this blazer…that’s right, this was curated from my mom’s and now it’s found a permanent home with me. I’ve worn it countless times and definitely feel like I’ll get many more in especially going into the fall season.

I took it to the max and wore it with a lux velvet bodysuit, cut off shorts and pumps. I’m still in denial about the end of summer…luckily, Texas agrees because we’re still in the high 90’s. So will you all be raiding closets from now on? I want to hear a bunch of yes’s in the comments below because this shopping method is wallet friendly AND style loaded! WIN WIN y’all!

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