Ruffle Me Up


Ruffle Sleeve Shirt – Banana Republic

Hey, Hi, How you all doing? Sorry for being MIA last week…I was unexpectedly deterred from my normal schedule but I’m back on track now! [Insert bicep curl emoji] I feel like time is flying by. I mean, can you guys believe its September already?! I’m not sure how the year moved so fast.

One thing I am super excited about is Fashion Week Month!!! I’m not going (I wish!) but it’s still something I’m definitely looking forward to. It starts this week and I can’t wait to see which collections catch my eye and which will be my favorite. Eeek!! I just love the new new. However, until the new has made it’s way in, I will stay infatuated with statement sleeves. Drawn, attracted, sucked-in by, whatever you want to call it…I still got it. I mean look at those ruffles! They just speak to me. And stripes…I love me some of those! I paired this top with some very comfy jeans with a personality of its own. I think I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Ok, guys, I’m going to sign off and ice my butt now… cliff’s notes version, I went to spin class! Y’all know what I’m talking about! LOL

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