Oversize & In-Charge


Button down – Bugatchi via Nordstrom

Denim – Frame via Nordstrom

May the oversize trend never go out of style… Amen! Now that I’ve gotten that prayer out of my mind, let’s talk about the advantages of the trend. Don’t get me wrong I love the fitted style but do fitted clothes help you hide a food baby? I think not! LOL But really, that’s only one of the (main) reasons to love the oversize look. Here are a few others:

-Versatility; wear it as is, tied in the front, loop it through, or simply wear it as the final layer…it all works.

-Temperature control; breezy when temps are high and cozy when temps drop.

-The cool factor; no need for explanation.

-Unrestrained food consumption: Have I already mentioned this? Well, it needs another mention. This one is muy importante!!

And lastly, it’s a style to experiment with and will eventually cycle its way back. So try it out, have some fun, and let me know how you feel about it. Is it a staple for you, an occasional try, or a hard pass?

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