Back Again!


Wow, it has been a minute, peeps! Wayyyy too long since my last post. Life… what can I say that we all don’t already know? It’s complicated and sometimes not so great with timing. Either way, I’m back and planning to be better than before! I think this comes at a great time considering my birthday just passed and I’ve promised myself a few things:

  1. Follow through. With any and every goal, plan, target and decision. This is easier said than done but with enough discipline and perseverance…it’s absolutely possible.
  2. Focus on health. And with this, I definitely mean both mental and physical. More and more, there are trends that focus on the physical well-being of ones self (spin, boot camp, meal plans) but it is equally important to flex the mind and its wellbeing (meditation, reading, learning a new skill).
  3. Don’t get too caught up. It is way too easy to look around and think of things you don’t have or are not doing which will in turn cause a domino effect into negativity and those related feelings. Take a breath, reflect on where you are and what/who you have, and keep on keepin’ on. Your journey is your own.

These three topics are things I’ve kept in mind off and on but this year, this month I’m working to make them a consistent theme in life. The time to start is now. What do you guys think? Is there any one (or more) thing you’d like to promise yourself?

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