Holding on to summer


Guys, it’s been an extremely LONG hump day. I hope y’all have had a much easier day than me. With that said, I’m glad to be here talking to all of you because that means we’ve made it through and we are on the downslope of the week. Whoooo hoo!

So remember when I said it would be a long time before summer ended here in Texas? Well, in a couple of days nature decided to prove me wrong and It. Got. Cooler! What is up, Mother Nature?! You’re making me look bad over here! Haha. With that said, this floral dress gives you the brightness and personality of summer with a hint of the coming season change…sleeves! It’s not really going to protect you from cool weather, but it has sleeves therefore still counts. What drew me to this dress was its incorporation of my favorite color (black), colorful floral accents and a sheer mesh overlay. I was a little hesitant of the bodysuit but solved that hiccup by adding leggings (see 4th picture below). It looks like a dress, moves like a dress, but your thighs aren’t rubbing together. Oh yea, WIN WIN!

Floral Lace Mesh Dress: Asos; Heels: Jessica Simpson via DSW (I’ve had them for a while)

About the fit: Dress is UK sizing. Follow size guidelines on the asos website and you’re golden.

Peep more on this look and let me know what you think!





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